Sit’n’Go Poker Tips

There are many advantages to be had from playing Sit n Go. For starters it is low cost (sometimes even free), but it is also fun as well as being convenient to play.

The reason why it is so convenient is that you don’t need to schedule a game as one starts every time a table gets filled up.

Plus such games are normally over within a hour of play commencing. Below we will look at some Sit n Go tips which should help to improve the way you play.

  1. In order that you can make the most money possible you should be able to convince your opponent that you are on a flush draw.
  2. The best way to do this is to best a small amount say a 1/3 or 1/4 of the amount in the pot. Many weak players will use this trick in order to try and control the size of the flop bet, which will provide them with good odds for a flush draw.
  3. When playing in a Sit n Go tournament you should endeavor to play a tight game at the beginning and become more aggressive in your play towards the end of the tournament.
  4. A good bet when playing the first hand of the tournament should be anywhere from 8-12% of your stack and no more.
  5. It is vital that you use these percentages during the early stages of any tournament as you will find that you won’t be using it so much later on in the tournament.
  6. When placing bets only play on premium hands early on. Such a quality hand would be pocket jacks or better.
  7. Do not limp late into a game as you will only be throwing away your chips. You should either be raising or folding at this point in time and blinding will only chip away at your stack.
  8. Whilst limping will keep you out of the cha-ching altogether.
  9. When to bluff? This is crucial in the late stages of any Sit n Go tournament and so by paying close attention to your position in the tournament you will know when you need to bluff.

Hopefully these Sit n Go tips will help to improve your game of poker as well as put you on the road to winning.

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