Sit’n’Go Poker Explained

Sit and Go Poker is an online poker tournament. The name comes from the fact that these games are played fast with a clear beginning and end. In each tournament there were be a predetermined number of players taking part.

Then once all the spots at the table have been filled the game commences. Anyone taking part in a Sit and Go Poker tournament must buy in to it for the same amount of money.

Thus all players will start the game with the same amount of chips. Slowly the blinds go up gradually in levels or stages until only one player is left (the winner). Normally all payouts are determined prior to the game commencing and are displayed to all players when they buy in.

A Sit n Go tournament will normally consist of 9 or 10 players and in a game like this the top 3 finishers would be placed in the money (they would get a share of the pot).

However, there are some tournaments where as many as 50 players can be taking part (which would be 5 tables of 10 players) or it may be as few as only 2 playing Heads Up.

What you should know though is that any tournament where more than 10 players are participating will play the games at more than one table and this is often referred to as multi-table tournament (MTT).

Moreover, when there are more players taking part in a tournament then more places will be paid out on and the higher the prize money available will be.

But there is a disadvantage to be had from tournaments with more players competing in them as they normally take longer to complete as well as their being more players for you to beat.

Normally a Sit n Go Poker tournament where 9 players are entered will last between 30 to 60 minutes and some online casinos have “turbo Sit N Go’s” where the blinds go up faster. Such games will finish even more quickly. Whilst a Heads Up Sit and Go Poker tournament will often only last a few minutes

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